Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Dead Man's Eye by Shaun Jeffrey

Title: Dead Man’s Eye
Author: Shaun Jeffrey
Series: Stand Alone Novella
Genre: Horror
Release Date: December 30, 2010

Joanna Raines has just undergone a corneal transplant in one eye to stop her from going blind. It’s a complete success, but as it begins to heal she starts seeing shadowy coronas surrounding certain people.

Terrified that something is going wrong and she’s never going to be able to see again, or worse – that she’s going crazy, Joanna searches for answers.

What she finds out is much more difficult to believe than a simple operating complication. The shadows surrounding people are proof that demons are amassing to take over the human population!

Now, she is the only one that stands in their way. A young woman with the ability to see what they really are. She just has to convince everyone else.

I was pulled along with Joanna, anxious to see her come to the understanding that there were demons walking among us and to see what she was going to do about it. Twists and turns are seamlessly spun throughout the tale and, while not entirely unexpected, offered another level of suspense.

But the thing that stood out for me most in this novella was the quality of the prose. It fully immersed me in the tale. Fast-paced, with a lot of action, it doesn’t let you go for the entire length of the book.

Dead Man’s Eye is a lively-paced, well-crafted, eminently enjoyable read. I look forward to seeing more from Mr. Jeffrey.

Grade: B-

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