Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Two-Man Advantage by Riley Shane

Title: Two-Man Advantage
Author: Riley Shane
Series: Seattle Marauders, Book 1
Genre: Male/Male Erotic Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 25, 2011

Blurb from author’s website:
When Professor Nathan Troy walks into his cabin and finds a naked man in his bed, he figures his one-man vacation to snowy Lake Tahoe can’t get any worse. It’s not that Nate doesn’t appreciate the view…he’d just prefer he knew the man in question.

Kyle Harper has come to Lake Tahoe to escape the memories of his former life – one where he was a star hockey player until a career-ending injury shattered his dreams forever. All Kyle wants is peace, and he certainly isn’t going to get it with a prickly, stubborn man waking him up, insisting that Kyle is in his cabin.

An accidental double-booking and a wary compromise puts the two in close quarters. Attraction heats things up, but Nate’s not about to let his libido lead him into making the mistake of getting involved with his unexpected roommate. Kyle, however, seems determined to get under his skin at every turn. Both men soon learn that they can’t outrun desire. But lust is easy; it’s opening their hearts that’s hard. Each will have to let go of the past before they can take advantage of the future the two of them could have together.

Nate and Kyle both end up at the Tahoe resort running from something. Past pain, hurt and heartache. But regardless of what they’re trying to escape these two wonderful heroes are fighters. When something good comes along, no matter how improbable it seems, they’re both willing to take a chance. To grab life and see where it leads. That endeared me greatly to both of them.

Nate’s just out of a relationship that had really died a slow death quite a while ago. More than pain and loss there’s embarrassment and resignation, which are still two difficult things to get over. Kyle’s loss is deeper. His entire life-dream has been shattered. When Kyle gets to the cabin he’s floundering, trying to find his place again.

Watching them come together made me smile. These are two heroes that I rooted for getting their happily-ever-after. Added to the way they complemented each other, filling in missing needs, I would be remiss if I didn’t add that they are sexy-as-hell together.

Two-Man Advantage is a hot, sinful, and incredibly romantic love story. I kept sneaking glimpses while at work, as I just couldn’t put it down! Riley Shane gave us two heroes to fall in love with, to cheer for, and that left me begging for more. Highly recommended!

Grade: A+

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