Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Yes, Captain by Rebecca Royce

Title: Yes, Captain
Author: Rebecca Royce
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Release Date: 7 August 2010

Five years ago Lizbeth had to deal with the sudden disappearance of her captain, and best friend, Acton. In the middle of space, surrounded by nothing but stars, he simply disappeared off the bridge. And that’s when she realized that she was in love with him. Now, finally, she’s located him. In the far reaches of an area they’re not supposed to breach due to alliances, Acton is on a little planet called Earth.

After convincing the acting-captain to let her go in to get Acton, Lizbeth finds herself directly in his path. He nearly runs her over, but doesn’t recognize her, or himself. In fact he thinks he’s a human lawyer named Charles. With no time to explain she transports them back up to their space vessel and hopes he remembers who he is.

Because they’ve got trouble. They’re somewhere forbidden and the dangers increase with every moment. As they reacquaint themselves with one another, and their shared passion they’ll have to outwit a traitor, who wants only their deaths.

Yes, Captain is a quick fun read that centers on a futuristic race from another planet who look and act much like humans. The characters are interesting and when I started reading I wanted to know more.

The plot is quick and keeps moving at a fast pace. Somewhat to the detriment of the story. Things are moving along so quickly that it’s, at times, hard to get to know the characters or understand their motivations. While it’s a fairly simply story and you don’t need a lot of explanation, I wanted more insight into the characters. They were appealing and had a ton of potential. Unfortunately I felt like some of the potential of Yes, Captain was lost due page count. I think it, easily, could have done with a longer format and more depth.

All in all, Yes, Captain is a quick read that’s enjoyable if you aren’t looking for too much world-building or depth.

Grade: C-

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