Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Roman Holiday - Hitched by Ruthie Knox

Title: Roman Holiday - Hitched
Author: Ruthie Knox
Series: Roman Holiday, Part 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 18 November 2013

Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday, continues in Episode 2, as Ashley and Roman flee an oncoming hurricane by hitting the highway—only to encounter some outrageous bumps in the road.

After the fantastic start in Part 1, I expected Ruthie Knox to continue on in greatness. Part 2, Hitched picks up nearly immediately after the ending of Chained. Roman's agreed to take Ashley to safety, though he doesn't yet have an inkling where exactly. Ashley plans to use the time on their journey to Georgia to convince him to not destroy everything she holds dear.

Chained intrigued me, the characters drawing me in and making me interested - tantalizing little hints about their history and who they are. Hitched gives us more. We learn a lot more about Roman and his tragic history, explaining a great deal about why he's so focused on being unemotional and determined to succeed. Ashley and her history is nearly as heartbreaking - if for seemingly the opposite reason. Hers full of love from her grandmother, his lacking nearly any. I couldn't help but feel for both of them.

I love how Ashley pushes at Roman. She has no idea what she's beginning to incite, but she can't help but push. She talks and talks, sings and irritates - all in an effort to get under Roman's skin. She's determined, feeling she has nothing left to lose. Watching Roman realize that Ashley is a formidable opponent is incredibly satisfying.

Roman for his part can't help but being honorable. He doesn't exactly want to be, doesn't even expect himself to be, but he can't help it. It is who he is. As Ashley begins to like him, despite herself - against her own internal objections - I couldn't help but grin. He is continuously put in increasingly uncomfortable situations, by Ashely, making him react and feel in ways he hasn't imagined. I love seeing how he reacts to these moments, to Ashley herself.

She's so full of life, so vicarious, and he's closed himself off so much that they can't help but strike sparks off each other - even if they won't admit to themselves exactly what they're feeling. When they finally reach Georgia, I'm dying to see how he deals with this next thing that Ashley's presented him with. A commune of hippies.

I'm still not a fan of serialized novels, I'd rather read the entirety of it in one go, but I have to say that Ruthie Knox is doing a wonderful job. She gives enough to make me invested, want to read on, and yet I still don't feel like the story's being cut off in an illogical place. I'm greatly enjoying this series and am immediately diving into the next one.

Grade: A

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