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Review: Can't Let Go by Jessica Lemmon

Title: Can't Let Go
Author: Jessica Lemmon
Series: Love in the Balance, Book 1.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance (prequel)
Release Date: 3 September 2013

Can't Let Go is a PREQUEL novella to Hard to Handle, a "before" the happily ever after...


Sadie Howard would never admit there's such a thing as love at first sight, but she can't deny the connection between her and sexy Adonis Aiden Downey. She also can't deny she loves to kiss him-his mouth might be his most precious asset. Despite every promise to herself not to get involved any deeper than a first date, she can't keep from seeing more of Aiden . . . in more ways than one.

Aiden Downey had no idea the hot blonde from the club would trigger his protective, gentle nature, but the moment she drops her guard and he sees the real Sadie Howard, he's a goner. When a family crisis puts the brakes on their budding romance, can Aiden find a way to hold on to her? Or will he lose the best thing in his life just as quickly as he found her?

Okay, first things first - I was clear on this to start, but I want to be sure there's no confusion - do not expect a resolution to Aiden and Sadie's story in this novella. This is a prequel about how they meet, and the very beginning of their relationship. This is a book about the mistakes people make even when they're looking at the person that may be the best person in the world for them. About the things that come up and decisions made that can ruin something before it even really has a chance.

I have to admit that I'm conflicted about this novella. I'm not generally a fan of prequel stories like this where there's not really any resolution - at least not positive resolution - and I considered not reviewing this until I finished Hard to Handle where Aiden and Sadie's story is truly resolved. I want to talk about Can't Let Go though.

The title is pretty good actually. Aiden can't let go of his ex-wife - he hasn't told his family about his divorce that's a year old, because his mother's been going through chemo and he didn't want to add stress to her life. I get that, but at the same time this frustrates the hell out of me. Especially when you're trying to start a relationship with someone else. On the other hand, Aiden's incredibly caring and intuitive. He like verbally sparring with Sadie, he treats her with respect and he is very serious about her. I liked him a lot, except for that one deception with his family.

Sadie was pretty great, too. I liked that she's got a smart mouth, but isn't over-the-top snarky. She's got some snark and some sarcasm - and I love it. She's been burned, her fiance left her for someone else just before the wedding was going to take place, and she was finally taking a chance on Aiden. What I didn't like is that she apparently fell immediately for him. After guarding your heart for so long, to the point where you don't even go on more than a single date with someone, I can't see that happening. Especially not to the extent that she did.

After just 2 dates, over a week and a half period, she's thinking love. Excuse me while I frown over here. I just don't buy it. I do buy the connection and like and chemistry and that they'd likely have a great relationship...but love? Give me a break.

Because she fancies herself in love with him, she acts and says some completely selfish things near the end that irritated me. Even if she were really in love with him, then I don't like the way she reacted. It's not normal to think only of yourself when someone is going through something like Aiden was at that moment.

And this is where I'm conflicted. I want to see Aiden and Sadie happy. I'm going to read their book, because despite the things that irritated me, I do like them both. I think they're great together, and that they made some stupid mistakes and decisions. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them work those issues out.

Grade: C+

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