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Currently Touch the Night is run, solely, by me. I am the only one posting here (except in very rare cases). So a little about me.


I've been an avid reader ever since my mother read More Spaghetti, I Say, the first book I really remember. I, still, nearly have it memorized (and if I ask my mom, she can recite whole passages to me).  After that it was every book I could possibly get my hands on. From The Boxcar Children and Babysitter's Club to Madeline L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time series.

Soon, these weren't enough anymore. I blame A Wrinkle in Time for introducing me to fantasy (and yes, I do know it's more sci-fi than fantasy), and from then on I dove into the books of Tolkien, and I've never looked back.

Fantasy and Science-Fiction provides such a valuable platform to talk about issues that we all deal with everyday and still have them somewhat divorced from the reality. It allows for us to have discussions without bringing all the pain from our real-life experiences too deeply to it. These books have given me some of my most thoughtful discussions with people with many different opinions. That doesn't even begin to start on the fascinating worlds that so many authors build, and the great characters that people those worlds.

It took a long time for me get over my internalized prejudice against "bodice-rippers" and start reading in the Romance genre - Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts was my first romance novel. Again, I never looked back. Soon I was happily sighing and enjoying many books in this diverse genre. Here you can read science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, historical, and many other sub-genres of books. Always guaranteed the happy-ending - with so much awfulness in the world, this is nearly a must for me.

Now I read pretty much anything and everything. There's, literally, not enough hours in the day to read all the books that I want to, but I'll happily keep on trying.

I love talking about books and the things they explore; from serious discussions about any of the 'cisms, to the funny moments or action packed scenes.

Whether you agree or disagree with anything I write, come chat with me! I love good discussions.

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