Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review: Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh

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I was excited to get the 4th full length novel in the Psy-Changeling series, so excited that I started it the very day I got it. From the first novel I read of Nalini Singh's I was totally enraptured by the world she had built, and the characters that inhabited it. The first in the series 'Slave to Sensation', followed by 'Visions of Heat' and 'Caressed by Ice' and now 'Mine to Posses'. Each effort brings us deeper into this world, expanding what we know, and keeping the conflict fresh and keeping you rooting for these Changelings & their mates.
Clay and Talin knew each other as children. Through tragedy, Clay lost his freedom and Talin. Many years later Talin seeks him out, looking for help. Looking again for the only friend she ever had. Clay's leopard immediately recognizes the need to claim, and Talin realizes that Clay is just as dangerous as he ever was....especially to her heart.

Nalini continues to build on the world, showing how favorite characters are progressing, and letting us see more of the Psy Council and their problems and dealings. She also introduces us to new characters that we can only hope to see more of. At the same time she doesn't give up anything in the main story between Talin & Clay.

This is a wonderful story, and a great addition to the Psy-Changeling series. I'm already anxious and excited for the next one.

Run and pick up this great series. The highly detailed world, and great love stories can not fail to impress. Nalini brings you into this richly imagined world, and makes you want to join in.

Grade: B

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Inaugural Post & Welcome!

Welcome to Touch the Night!

I'm a junkie. I'll admit it. Self-confessed, un-repentant, rabid, absolutely addicted, junkie. For books, music, and movies. I can not get enough of them. And I don't want to change. After all there are worse things to be addicted to.

This, coupled with a slight touch - okay, not so slight - of OCD, can be a bit overwhelming to a lot of people I meet in everyday life. People don't understand. *shrugs* I say who cares.

I actually have a wide range of interests. Obviously anything on books, and movies goes. And a good selection of music as well. But others include guns, knives, archery (are you sensing a pattern here?), writing, comics, games, politics, my dog - Gage, and life. *grins* Just to name a few. All of these things will be fair game for the blog. Although generally it'll probably stick mostly to books and movies. With some of the other stuff peppered in.

I also happen to love the night. Much more so than day. In the night there are infinite possibilites. Both good and bad. And that draws me even more. The danger that could be there right along with, perhaps, your salvation. *laughs* Okay that's slightly melodramatic, but....

Anyways, sit back and enjoy. Comment often, and let me know what you think. This'll be a work in progress, and we'll see where it goes.
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