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Review: Angels' Pawn ~ Nalini Singh

So, when I woke up and found out that this had automatically downloaded to my Kindle (I had pre-ordered it), I was ecstatic. To say the least. Nalini is one of my all time favorite authors. The world she created in her Psy/Changeling series is unforgettable, completely realized, and very vivid. Her characters jump off the pages, fully three-dimensional, and are very frequently people I’d love to know in real life. And I feel I could walk around the corner and meet them. If only my timing was a little better. (Sidebar: Even though I’d be a little – okay a lot – nervous, I’d love to walk around a corner and meet Kaleb *g* /Sidebar)

When I heard about the new series she was doing with Angels and Vampires and Hunters, I was so incredibly excited to be getting something else from her, in addition to the Psy/Changelings I love. A whole new world to lose myself in, and new characters to love (and sometimes hate). Ever since I first heard about it, and then met Nalini at RAW last year, I’ve been practically bouncing around waiting to read more.

And now it’s here. Just a short novella. E-format only (see end of post for currently available options). I almost squee’d. And those who know me, know that’s not a normal occurrence. LOL.

Angels’ Pawn is an introduction to the world that we’ll learn more about in Angels’ Blood (due out 3/3/2009). A world where angels and vampires not only co-exist, but have an interesting connection. As a Guild Hunter, one of those that hunts rogue vampires down for the angels, Ashwini finds herself suddenly stuck between two vampire factions, and the angel wanting to manipulate them all, in Atlanta. She turns, for help, to Janvier, a vampire himself – who may have his own reasons for assisting her.

From the first moment I started this novella I was immediately immersed in the world. I couldn’t have stopped reading if there was a fire. Okay. I hope I could have at least paused to get out of the building, but you get the picture.

I’m continually amazed by Nalini’s ability to create fully realized characters, especially in novellas where the shortened format makes that difficult for a lot of authors. Angels’ Pawn is no different. Ashwini is a compelling character from her first moments pounding on a door. I’m completely intrigued by her, and really hope that we get to see more of her in the future.

Janvier. Wow. What can I say except I want to meet him. A native from the bayous, with an old world charm, and an apparently innate sexiness, he is just fantastic. Watching him play off of Ashwini, lightening the mood and at the same time ratcheting up their relationship throughout everything they were trying to accomplish in Atlanta was truly a joy.

I can not wait to read Angels’ Blood which focuses on Elena and Raphael, I believe. But I’m really hoping to see more from Janvier and Ashwini in the future. Their storyline was by no means complete – although the main conflict is tied up in the novella – we have lots more to hear about this pair.

Nalini’s said it, but I’m going to give this warning to those that need an HEA. This is not a typical romance with a bow-tied HEA at the end.

It’s a fantastic read, a great introduction, and I highly recommend it. If you’ve not read anything by Nalini Singh, I urge you to run out and buy everything you can by her. Her Psy/Changeling stories are absolutely fantastic, and this new series promises to be just as great. (For reading order go here)

Thank you Nalini for, once again, delivering a great story.

Grade: A-

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Now also available as Adobe (pdf), Microsoft Reader, and Sony Reader formats.

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