Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire

Title: Edge of Sight
Author: Roxanne St. Claire
Series: The Guardian Angelinos 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 1, 2010

When Samantha Fairchild witnessed a murder as a young girl it changed her life. Now bound for law school at Harvard history repeats itself and Samantha can’t believe it when she sees yet another person killed – with her as the only witness. To make matters worse apparently the killer knows she saw him, and she’s just become his next target.

Desperate for help that the police won’t provide Sam turns to her old friend Vivi Angelino, an investigative reporter, hoping she can get some information and stop cowering in her apartment. But when Vivi recruits her brother, Zach, for protection duty, Samantha isn’t sure what’s worse. The danger to her life, or the danger to her heart because she and Zach share an intense history full of heat and ending in heartbreak.

Zach is a Special Forces vet, scarred and struggling to find his footing out of the military. After disappearing from Sam’s life when he left for war, he never thought to be back in it. But now that circumstances have pushed them together again, Zach’s realized that the one thing he can’t stand is losing her again. Now Sam and Zach have to face the painful past, and the dangerous present in order to have a chance of a future together…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a new romantic suspense novel, and I thought I was burned out on them. I’m glad to say that Roxanne St. Claire proved me wrong. Edge of Sight delivers an action-packed, emotion-filled, hot, reunion romance.

Zach is a truly tortured hero, with scars not only on the inside, but that are visible to the world too. Then there’s the PTSD and survivor’s guilt that he’s living with day in and day out. Floundering, he’s not sure what to do, not sure where to go from here. The one thing he is sure of is that he doesn’t deserve happiness. Or love. Especially not the kind of love Sam offered to him before he left her three years prior.

Sam’s life took a hard left turn, and then a few more, after Zach left. She’s grown and is determined to help those that are left without recourse. But due to one significant mistake she has trouble trusting her instincts. So when things start to heat up again between her and Zach, she’s doesn’t know what to think. Is it just the close proximity that him protecting her is engendering this renewal of emotions? Or is it something more? And how can she ever be sure?

I really loved watching Zach and Sam work towards each other. They both have issues, they both aren’t sure all the time. They question. And then they talk. Which is one of the things I love most about this book. The hero and heroine don’t let themselves, or each other, stew in what could potentially turn into a Big Misunderstanding. No, they take a moment to actually discuss what’s going on with each of them, keeping the lines of communication not only open, but flowing.

The suspense part of Edge of Sight has a lot to do with Vivi wanting to start up her own private investigative and protection agency. She’s trying to talk a lot of her, rather large, family into joining her in this venture. And Samantha’s their first client. The plot moves at a quick pace, never dragging, instead it’s pulling you along down the paths the characters travel as they try to unravel the truth.

This is obviously the first of, probably, a long series. There are already a lot of extra characters that will need their own stories, and I’m sure that they will only continue to come. But the nice thing here is that even though I knew this, it never felt like sequel-bait. The family is an important part to the series and they’re all really well fleshed out so that I simply want to see more of them.

Edge of Sight is a smart, exciting, edge-of-your-seat, sincere love story that will have you rooting for Zach and Sam. And eager to see what Vivi will find for the Guardian Angelinos next.

Grade: B

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