Friday, January 1, 2010

Jim Butcher Book Order

Dresden Files

* "A Restoration of Faith" in Side Jobs
1. Storm Front
2. Fool Moon
* "B is for Bigfoot" in Under My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron
3. Grave Peril
4. Summer Knight
5. Death Masks
* "Publicity and Advertising" aka "Vignette" in Side Jobs
6. Blood Rites
* "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot" in Blood Lite III: Aftertaste
7. Dead Beat
* "Something Borrowed" in Side Jobs
8. Proven Guilty
9. White Night
* "It's My Birthday, Too" in Side Jobs
* "Heorot" in Side Jobs
10. Small Favor
* "Day Off" in Side Jobs
* "Backup" in Side Jobs
* "The Warrior" in Side Jobs
* "Last Call" in Side Jobs
* "Curses" in Naked City
11. Turn Coat
* "Even Hand" in Dark and Stormy Knights
* "Love Hurts" in Side Jobs
* "Bigfoot on Campus" in Songs of Love and Death
12. Changes
* "Aftermath" in Side Jobs
13. Ghost Story
14. Cold Days

15. Skin Game (27 May 2014)

Codex Alera

1. Furies of Calderon
2. Academ's Fury
3. Cursor's Fury
4. Captain's Fury
5. Princep's Fury
6. First Lord's Fury

Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information on books that have not yet been included to this list.


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