Friday, January 1, 2010

Lara Adrian Book Order

Midnight Breeds

1. Kiss of Midnight
Lucan and Gabrielle

2. Kiss of Crimson
Dante and Tess

3. Midnight Awakening
Tegan and Elise

4. Midnight Rising
Rio and Dylan

5. Veil of Midnight
Nikolai and Renata

6. Ashes of Midnight
Andreas Reichen and Claire Roth

7. Shades of Midnight
Kade and Alexandra Maguire

8. Taken by Midnight
Brock and Jenna

9. Deeper Than Midnight
Hunter and Corinne Bishop

* A Taste of Midnight
Malcom MacBain and Danika MacConn

10. Darker After Midnight
Sterling Chase and Tavia Fairchild

11. Edge of Dawn
Kellen Archer and Mira

12. Crave the Night (25 February 2014)
Nathan and Jordana

Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information on books that have not yet been included to this list.



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