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Lynn Kurland Book Order

DePiaget / MacLeod / McKinnion / Smith Families Series

*Note* This is my, somewhat, unorthodox reading order. With all the time travel going on, it's a bit hard to nail down a truly chronological reading order.  Some stories deal solely in medieval England (or Scotland), but many of them deal in the present as well as medieval times.  I've done my best to follow both the medieval and present timelines and tried to ensure that you read the story about the couple prior to learning about their HEA.  This is a different reading order than given on Lynn Kurland's website. Also, while I am a big proponent of reading in order, most of these stories stand well on their own

1. Another Chance to Dream
Rhys de Piaget and Gwennelyn of Segrave

2. If I Had You
Robin de Piaget and Anne of Fenwyck

3. "The Three Wise Ghosts" in the Christmas Spirits anthology or Love Came Just in Time anthology
Gideon de Piaget and Megan MacLeod McKinnion

4. Stardust of Yesterday
Kendrick de Piaget and Genevieve Buchanan

5. A Dance Through Time
James MacLeod and Elizabeth Smith

6. The Very Thought of You
Alexander Smith and Margaret of Falconberg

7. "And the Groom Wore Tulle" in the Veils of Time anthology or Love Came Just in Time anthology
Ian MacLeod and Jane Fergusson

8. "The Traveler" in the A Knight's Vow anthology
William de Piaget and Julianna Nelson

9. My Heart Stood Still
Thomas MacLeod McKinnion and Iolanthe MacLeod

10. A Garden in the Rain
Patrick MacLeod and Madelyn Phillips

11. Dreams of Stardust
Jake Kilchurn and Amanda de Piaget

12. Much Ado in the Moonlight
Connor MacDougal and Victoria MacLeod McKinnion

13. When I Fall in Love
Nicholas de Piaget and Jennifer MacLeod McKinnion

14. "The Gift of Christmas Past" in The Christmas Cat anthology or Love Came Just in Time anthology
Miles de Piaget and Abigail Garrett

15. With Every Breath
Robert Cameron and Sunny Phillips

16. This is All I Ask
Christopher of Blackmour and Gillian of Werewick

17. From This Moment On
Colin of Berkhamshire and Alienore

18. "To Kiss in the Shadows" in the Tapestry anthology
Jason de Piaget and Lianna of Grasleigh

19. Till There Was You
Zachary Smith and Mary de Piaget

20. The More I See You
Richard of Burwyck-on-the-Sea and Jessica Blakely

21. One Enchanted Evening
Montgomery de Piaget and Pippa Alexander

22. One Magic Moment
John de Piaget and Tess Alexander

23. All For You
Stephen de Piaget and Peaches Alexander

24. Roses in the Moonlight
Derrick Cameron and Samantha Drummond

25. Dreams of Lilacs
Isabelle de Piaget and Gervase de Seger

26. Stars in Your Eyes
  Imogen Maxwell and Phillip de Piaget

27. Ever My Love
  Emma Baxter and Nathaniel MacLeod


1. "The Icing on the Cake" in the Opposites Attract anthology or Love Came Just in Time anthology
Samuel and Sydney

Nine Kingdoms Series

* "A Whisper of Spring" in The Queen in Winter anthology
Symon and Iolaire

* "The Tale of the Two Swords" in To Weave a Web of Magic anthology
Mehar and Gilraehen

Arc 1 Miach and Morgan
1. Star of the Morning
2. The Mage's Daughter
3. Princess of the Sword

Arc 2 Ruith and Sarah
4. A Tapestry of Spells
5. Spellweaver
6. A Gift of Magic

Arc 3 Rùnach and Aisling
7. Dreamspinner
8. River of Dreams

9. Dreamer's Daughter

Arc 4 Acair and Léirsinn
10. The White Spell
11. The Dreamer's Song
12. The Prince of Souls


1. A Time for Love
Contains Another Chance to Dream and If I Had You

Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information on books that have not yet been included to this list.


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