Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clue (1985)

I had an on-line movie night last night with Kat to watch this movie. She was amazed that I'd never seen it. And I have to say after watching it, so was I.

It's got a great cast including Tim Curry (who I absolutely love), Christopher Lloyd, and Madeline Khan to name a few.

Six people are invited to a strange house, where they're greeted by the butler Wadsworth (Curry), and then are expected to find out who done it when one of the guests turn up dead.

I have to say Tim Curry makes this movie. It was hilarious watching the guests run around trying to figure out the murder mystery - that we all love doing with the board game Clue.

And the three endings to finish out the movie are absolutely awesome.

I'm glad I watched it, and now will be adding it to my To Be Bought list.

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