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Review: On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

Title: On the Edge
Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: The Edge 1
Genre: Fantasy Romance (or 'Rustic Fantasy' per Ilona)
Release Date: 29 September 2009

Imagine a world that's the complete opposite of ours. Where instead of technology there's magic. It has an Air Force - except they fly wyverns instead of planes. This is the Weird. By contrast is our world, called the Broken. Magic doesn't exist here, doesn't work here and if someone with magic comes to the Broken for too long they'll lose their magic.

In between is a place called the Edge. Here exist the people that have magic, though not a lot, and don't wish to live without it in the Broken. They get electricity from the Broken, and use magical wards to protect themselves from the dangerous creatures that live in the wood with them. Most Edgers couldn't survive in the Weird, because they lack the power and can't live in the Broken because of a lack of legal papers.

Rose Drayton is an Edger. She once tried to build a better life for herself by practicing and honing her magic, but it backfired and brought her the kind of attention she didn't need. She's had to constantly protect herself from those that would steal her with the purpose of breeding more magic into their children. Now she raises her brothers, Jack and Georgie, and works in the Broken just to scrape by.

Declan Camarine is a blueblood noble from the Weird that shows up on the edge of her wards and she warns him off like she has every other blueblood that's come calling. He won't have her. Rose intrigues Declan and instead of trying to steal her, he offers the option of a challenge. He'll complete three tasks and then she'll be his. Rose thinks she can easily outsmart him, keeping her family safe in the Edge, and sending him packing back to the Weird.

But then a terrible evil invades the Edge, horrible creatures that hunt magic and Declan and Rose must work together to destroy them and save everything that she holds dear.

The world her that Ilona Andrews created is a fascinating place. Not quite our world, not quite a fantasy world, it's vivd, captivating place filled with captivating characters. I was absolutely immersed in the Edge, and loved every moment that I spent there.

Rose was a fascinating character. She's had the rose-colored glasses, pardon the pun, ripped off her face and expects the worst in everyone but family, whom she's fiercely loyal to. She's very stubborn and almost can't back down from a challenge. I admit I loved this about her. She was not about to let anyone run her life or take over for her. Rose wasn't about to give her trust to anyone that didn't deserve it, and she damn sure wasn't going to let just anyone have her heart.

Declan, I absolutely loved from the first moment that Rose tried to run him over. He was arrogant and brash, and yet at the same time he's honorable, loyal and admirable. His interactions with Rose and her family made my heart tremble. I was rooting for him to find the way past Rose's defenses from the start.

Beyond the utterly wonderful world, and vividness of Rose and Declan, there's a supporting cast of fully three-dimensional cast of secondary characters. Jack and Georgie, in particular, just hit my heart hard. I loved seeing through their point-of-views, feeling the heart-breaking burden of their gifts, the absolutely pure love they had for each other and Rose, and the disarming yearning they had for peace and happiness.

The evil that threatens Rose and all those that live in the edge is cruel and vicious, with complicated connections. I did feel that the resolution of it was a bit rushed, but I was so involved in the character's journeys that it was only after I finished that I really thought about that.

As a first time reader of Ms. Andrews, I was absolutely enchanted with the world-building, the characters, and the emotions in On the Edge. And I can't wait to go back and visit the world again with Bayou Moon which is already out.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys Patricia Briggs and Jeaniene Frost. Ms. Andrews has a way of pulling you into the world, to the point where I was up late into the night just having to read 'one more' chapter.

Grade: A-

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I just bought this book. No really! Seriously! Literally just bought them.....like 4 hours ago. And the second book in the series. Win!

Angela said...

Yay!! LOL! I'm waiting to get the 2nd book, probably pick it up after work tonight. Enjoy :)

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